Night Rush Casino: Play Till Morning



Among new guys on the block, we couldn’t have missed Night Rush Casino. The casino was launched only a few years ago, in 2017. However, that does not make the casino any less interesting or reliable. We are going to look into the matter deeply as we proceed with the review.

The NightRush casino name may create a false impression that it is available only during the night hours. That is a false impression, you can join the casino any time of the day. Besides, while it is nighttime in Canada it may be dawning in Finland, right?

So, as they say – let the game begin and let’s start out with our super detailed review, concerning the particular casino!

Casino policy

We are going to start with casino policy since it matters greatly no matter the casino you take for a test run. Night Rush has been active since 2017 since it is 2021 outside, it is safe to say that the casino is basically a gambling infant. However, we shouldn’t leave the essential fact out. That fact is that Bethard Group Limited is the casino holder. What does that mean? In case you do not know the particular group is not new to the gaming business and it already owns a couple of successful casinos. This means that they know what they are doing and they are fully aware of most of the players’ expectations. The group aims at rather fulfilling those expectations than letting them down.

Surely, you can take our word on that – or you can’t. If you need further proof of the casino’s trustworthiness, you need to check for license, in case it has any reliable one. Well, with NightRush, it is safe to state that the license is in place. The truth is that there are actually two licenses that the casino has been granted, one of them is held by reputable Malta Gaming Authority and the other by Curacao eGaming Commission.

In case, we have your attention, it should be stated straight away, that in case you are in Canada, Europe, Africa or South America – you can go on and register with the casino. However, players from the United Kingdom, as well as from the USA, France, and Denmark are not allowed.

Layout and languages

The appearance is the first thing that meets the eye. That is why every site layout is very important. If the design is not appealing enough or the site is difficult to browse through, there is rarely a chance that a customer will linger. Surely, the casino holders considered all the pros and cons and came up with an equally calm and bright layout.

The theme is subtle blue, which has a soothing effect on your eyes compared to other brighter designs. The bright welcoming signs have a contrasting effect but without taking it over the edge so that they do not harm your eyes in no way.

Now, let’s proceed to navigation. It needs to be noted that the online casino has gone as far as to make everything possible that even if you are completely new to the world of online games, you will be able to make your way through. All the games, as well as offers, are divided into logical categories, besides you do not need to spend a lot of time to figure out which category you need. You can even use the search bar if you are experienced enough and you know what you want from the minute you enter the casino.

The casino is oriented on quite a vast majority of players from many countries, that is why there is a number of languages to choose from. Apart from German, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish, a user can choose English variation of preference too, be it Canada or New Zealand English, the casino has your back.

So far, so good, don’t you think?

Game offers is not only nice to look at, but it is also full of interesting games on offer. All in all, there are approximately 700 games to give a try too gathered in the casino, however, since it is a new casino, the number is constantly growing. Surely, just like any other reputable casino, NightRush casino is centered around fun and exciting slots which are highly popular among the players. Nevertheless, it needs to be pointed out that there is also a fair share of other games to play.

The truth is that many casinos suggest free games as a part of their welcome bonus. Night Rush presents the users with the possibility to play the games they like for free just for fun. You can give any slot a spin to see whether you are ready to bet on it for real. We think that it is a thoughtful gift to the beginners as well as experienced gamblers who just come across a new game.

We have stated here that the main attention in the casino is paid to slot games. That is why, you can find over 300 slots presented by the casino. If you think that there are some random and unknown games picked just to fill the void – that would be a false assumption. The fact is that the casino cooperated only with trusted games providers, such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Microgaming among many other popular developers.

If it happens so that slots are not your cup of tea, the table game section will not disappoint you. Starting with the popular variations of roulette and video poker and ending with baccarat, there are plenty of games to become a part of.

Live casino

While the younger gaming generation is mostly attracted to online casinos due to the number of fun slots to give a spin to, there are more old-school gamers too. Surely, Night Rush casino couldn’t have left such a reputable audience out. That is why the casino comes with Live Casino option too. The fact is that there are many users who would lie to feel that vibe of live game but can’t visit a land-based casino for some reason. Especially for people like that, Evolution Gaming offers its set of live casino games.

Night Rush has chosen Evolution Gaming as their trusted source of live casino dealers, and so far, they haven’t had a chance to regret it. The experience that Live casino offers is hard to explain only those who shared it know the thrill.

That fact that you can play in real-time with a real dealer makes the game super exciting, the HD quality adds up to the impression. Of course, that fact that you do not need to leave the house to experience the fun is a tasty cherry on top.

Mobile gambling

The modern world is constantly changing and rapidly developing. That is why a decent online casino is bound to be accessible not only from your desktop but also from your mobile device.

Even though many casinos provide the mobile casino option, in most cases, you need to download various mobile apps to have access. In case with Night Rush there is no need for that.

All you need to do is to go to the site from your device and enjoy the games you prefer, no need to download some third-party applications. Besides, due to the most recent type of encryption, the casino ensures not only best-quality service but also high levels of protection, no matter whether mobile or any other device you are playing from.


Any casino would be incomplete and unappealing if there were no bonuses on offer. That is why most casinos provide certain bonuses in the form of deposit money, free games or free spins. However, Night Rush beats them all. The thing is that when you register with the casino and make your primary deposit – you are offered no more nor less but a €1,000 welcome package.

If you compare it to 25 free spins that certain casinos suggest as the same welcome offer, it may seem unbelievably generous, which it is in fact. However, it should be pointed out that the bonus is not given just like that. No. firstly, it is split into four parts. Let’s have a closer look at them:

Primary bonus

When you provide your primary deposit, the casino offers you a 100% bonus on top. The minimum amount of the deposit should be €20, while the maximum – €100.

Secondary bonus

After that, Night Rush offers a 75% bonus, the minimum deposit sum remains the same, while the maximum goes up to €200. For instance, you place €200 on your account and get €150 added to it since 150 is 75% from 200 – it is simple math.

Third bonus

As you continue your journey with the casino, things only get better. Even though the third bonus makes only 50% of the sum you deposit, the sum goes up to €500. If you deposit €500, you will get €250 on top of it.

Fourth bonus

Last bonus covers only 25% of your deposit, but the maximum deposited sum goes up to €2000.

Now, as you add up all the maximum welcome bonus offers, you will get €1000 as a result. Impressive, isn’t it?

Truth be told, the welcome bonus is one of the best ones that we have come across so far. However, there are always terms and conditions to stick to if you want to claim it properly. That is why it is always good to be aware of what to expect from those terms and conditions before jumping to the depositing part. Make sure that you read the rules carefully:

  • There are countries, players from which can claim the bonus, there are also countries players from which can’t. It is best if you check which category of countries you belong to before you make your primary deposit. You can find the information on the casino website in the section Terms and Conditions.
  • Many casinos accept Skrill as well as Netteler transfers, but in most cases, these payment methods are not applicable when it comes to bonuses. Night Rush is not the exception; you can deposit via these two payment methods, but you are not allowed to claim the welcome offer.
  • There is a minimum deposit sum, which is €20.
  • There is a staking requirement when it comes to bonus funds, you should stake 45x the bonus sum.
  • If you do not fulfill the staking requirement within three days, your bonus will expire.
  • There is a set list of games that you can stake the bonus means on. You can find the complete list of those on the casino site.
  • There is a limit for a maximum bet made while using bonus funds, which is €5.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that the welcome offer made by Night Rush is more than appealing, but the conditions that they state are hardly simple but fair, taking the bonus amount into consideration.

Night Rush Promotions

If it happens so that you fail to carry out the staking requirements as for the welcome offer, it needs to be emphasized that there is a list of other promotions to benefit from. There are:

  • Reload bonus
  • Fun Nights bonus
  • Weekly Secret bonus

In terms of bonuses, it is difficult not to agree that the casino values its customers, both new players, as well as loyal users.

Deposits and withdrawals

The fact is that offers many free games so that if you are interested in playing just for fun, you can skip the section. However, in most cases, people visit an online casino not only to play a game but also try their luck at winning some significant amount of money. To be able to do that you need to deposit funds as well as withdraw them. Since it is 2021 outside, many casinos offer various payment options to choose from. Night Rush is no different since they suggest their users to choose that particular payment option that is best for the region they are playing from.

To put it simply, you can pick either card, e-wallet, or any other fitting payment option provided by the casino. While your banking option may involve certain fees, the casino does not include any. That is a certain kind of pleasant surprise as well as innovative approach since most casinos have their own fees when it comes to fund withdrawal. There is one set fee, though, which is €5. If it happens so that your account is inactive for over half a year, that would be a fee applied to your account. All you need to do to avoid it is to keep your account active, to achieve that you can simply login and log out every now and then.

It should be accented that due to the fact that the casino uses fresh and reliable encryption technology, all your financial operations are safe and secure.

In terms of a minimum as well as a maximum deposit, the first is €20, while the latter has no limits. As for the withdrawal, usually the minimum amount is €10, but you should better specify it with the withdrawal type you are about to use.

Customer support

One of the downsides that many casinos come with is poor customer support. The thing is that no matter how fancy a casino is if you do not get your questions answered or issues resolved – there is a mild chance that you will carry on with it.

NightRush casino understands the risks so that they seem to invest a lot of time as well as means into their support option. First of all, the support bubble will be following you from page to page from the moment you enter the site, which is nice since you do not need to spend countless hours looking for it.

Live chat is the option to choose if you need instant help. The truth is that the response is as instant. Usually it takes a few seconds for an agent to come up and to greet you asking you about the issue you want to inquire about. Once you state the problem, you get the full answer to it. What I more, without any pressure, the agent provides you with other useful information you may wonder about but forgot to answer. To sum it up, the live support is fast, professional and informative. What else do you need?

If there is a less pressing matter on your mind, you can use the contact form to state your request. It will take longer to get the response, but in most cases, it is more than timely and as informative and useful.

Those of you who think that they can figure things out on your own, we suggest you pay attention to the FAQ section, which is also provided in the Support section of the site.

Some users are disappointed that there is no phone number to call in case of any issue arising. However, we think it is a minor inconvenience since you can use the live chat to have your emergency solved.

Responsible Gaming

addiction. There is a vast majority of online casinos that do not understand how deep the issue is. At Night Rush casino, the runners are fully aware of the possibility that the users may form an addiction. That is why there is a list of preventive methods that help customers escape the fate. As a customer, you can set special limits on your account to control yourself. If that does not help you can block your account for a certain period so that you successfully manage the issue.

What is more, as a responsible casino holder, Night Rush not only provides useful links to sources that help people deal with their addictions but also the casino staff is trained to spot a forming addiction and terminate it as soon as possible.

Privacy policy

When you sign up with any online casino to play for real, there is a set of personal information that you are bound to provide. Otherwise, your account will not be approved. Night Rush is certainly not an exception, or it would be quite suspicious. They do attain your personal data, but the privacy policy that sticks to ensures that none of it shared with any suspicious third parties. Besides, the type of encryption used by the casino makes sure that no hack attack is possible.


As it has been already mentioned, the level of customer data protection is the highest. However, if you happen to be suspicions about your personal data use, you can always raise the complaint with the casino. As a player, you can enquire as from how your information is used and to whom it may be shared with. The casino holds responsibility to provide all the details to the customer without any delay.


These days there are more and more new casinos appearing on the market, and at times it is hard to spot who is a trustworthy source of gaming fun and who is not. We have carried out the deepest research on the Night Rush casino, and we have presented all the detail in the review.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that the casino is run by Bethard Group Limited, which has an impressive experience in the online gambling world. Surely, that fact does not make the casino reliable but trustworthy licensing does.

In terms of game offers, it would be fair to say that the casino has tried its best to involve the widest audience and we must say that they have managed to do that. Slots or table games, or even live casino is your poison – the casino has it covered. Apart from that, the welcome bonus is the most generous that we have come across so far. Truth be told, the rules of claiming the offer to the fullest extent are strict but manageable.

In the end, it should be admitted that the customer service they offer is one of the fastest as well as the best-trained ones and that matters greatly. No wonder the casino rating is so high.